Stop Child Abuse!

It is so sad when there are too many news about baby dumping being spread everyday in Malaysia. The baby doesn’t do any sin that they got to have the punishment from their parents.

Being thrown into a river, left over at the dumping site and being bury when they are still alive make it even the most worst things to be heard. This is really a serious child abuse. As for me, I really do not want those things happened again. 

I am so sad seeing innocent body had been found in such a terrible condition. The baby should be raise up properly by their parents. Even though they are illegitimate, they still human and need to stay alive. It is a big sin to kill an innocent baby in such ways. 

(picture example)

I hope the society (teenagers especially) being aware of this issues and do not let this issues become worse and worse in the future.

 Stop child abuse!